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Middle school age students are confronted with a common school problem: a bully is out of control and interrupting the everyday activities of students. However, an unexplained shadow follows the bully’s escapades and eventually assesses, in its own fashion, the appropriate penance for the bully’s actions. This film was produced in collaboration with the Texas School for the Deaf and is in line with the Department of Education’s national campaign on making schools safer. That effort focuses on figuring out constructive ways to reduce the number of school shootings and related violence. VHS, 13-minutes, signed and open captioned.A Study Guide is also available free upon request.$24.95 each plus US shipping/handling and sales tax if applicable.SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $12.95.


Produced by the Chicago Institute for the Moving Image, this is a collection of Deaf films from all over the world. Titles include THE RIDE (USA), EDDA’S SONG (Canada), WHEN I HEARD (United Kingdom), PERCEPTION (New Zealand), WEE THREE (United Kingdom), HOTEL CENTRAL (United Kingdom), RESERVOIR WOLVES (United Kingdom), A DEAF CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE (USA), and other bonus materials. DVD, 90 minutes, captions and/or sign language.

$24.95 plus US shipping/handling and sales tax if applicable.


 frankcoverwebFRANKLY CLASSIC

This 2-volume DVD set introduces us to a Texas magic institution and San Antonio’s ambassador of Magic… Frank Ramirez. He began learning magic at age 10 and proudly has been a continuous member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.) since 1950. He has served as President for many years within I.B.M., Texas Association of Magicians (T.A.O.M.), and the Society of American Magicians (S.A.M.). Born in Texas, he has worked extensively all over North and South America. His awards over the years are too numerous to list and he is highly respected in the international magic community. Frank is known for taking small effects and turning them into something big. Be ready to learn his most coveted secrets in this special program… all created by this true Master of the Art.

Volume One (60 minutes) includes effects using silks, ropes, and even a few card tricks. Volume Two (55 minutes) includes effects using silks, ropes, bottles, spring flowers, balls, and balloons. He gives a new look to tricks you may have long put away in your closet that will have you eagerly dusting them off with pleasure.

DVD, Color, NTSC, English
$29.95 each volume

Available in limited quantities only to members of the magic community. Contact us via email for ordering information.



The film tells the story of Asako, a deaf woman determined to start an acting group in her small town with the support of her daughter, Ai, who is hearing. Through her struggles and successes, she inspires both deaf and hearing people to work together to accomplish great things. Akiko Oshidari makes her acting debut in this groundbreaking first Japanese film made by a hearing and a deaf director. DVD, Color, 111 minutes, Japanese sign language & audio, English subtitles.

$24.95 plus US shipping/handling & sales tax if applicable