Off-Line Closed Captioning:

Commercial Spots (Up to :90 Lengths):
$125 First Spot (With Script on Disk)
$200 First Spot (Without Script)
$100 Each Additional Spot on Same Reel (With Script on Disk)
$175 Each Additional Spot on Same Reel (Without Script)

Short-Form & Long-Form Programs:

$300 10-Minutes or Less (With Script on Disk)
$450 10-Minutes or Less (Without Script)
$500 30-minutes (With Script on Disk)
$625 30-minutes (Without Script on Disk)
$850 60-minutes (With Script on Disk)
$1,075 60-minutes (Without Script)

Inquire about Odd Lengths Not Specified Above.

Automated Transcriptions

Automated text transcriptions of video and audio files are available upon request. 


All captioning is “pop-on” except for live broadcast captioning of news and live events which is “roll-up”. This matches current industry practices in captioning style.

Turnaround time is quicker if the client provides scripts on disk.

Contact us about potential discount rates for your project.

To learn more about the legal requirements for captioning of broadcast television programming, please refer to the FCC Captioning Fact Sheet.