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The OLD FOGEYS are published every week through the international Deaf and hard of hearing electronic newsletter, DEAF DIGEST. To access the new cartoons, go to the following link for Deaf Digest:

  • Deaf Digest
    Go to the home page and click on “Comics”. You can also subscribe by clicking the “Subscribe” button on the site.



SIGNS AND VOICES is a well drawn comic book that features Deaf heroes using sign language. The stories are fast-paced, exciting, and serious with topics such as social barriers, diversity, history and heritage. The heroes are role models surviving and thriving in a world where language could separate them from mainstream society.

Currently, comic books targeting the Deaf community nationwide are few and far between and SIGNS AND VOICES helps fill this gap for this niche market. The team behind the comic has a unique skillset to help produce a quality product. They comprise of professionals from Sweden, Brazil, United States and United Kingdom.

Two formats are used in the comic which are mainstream English and easy English. This is to assist those deaf readers who have difficulties with mainstream English. There is also drawn British Sign Language (BSL) within the comic for native signers. There is a sign language vocabulary dictionary for readers who wish to learn sign language. There are plans for four series of SIGNS AND VOICES with each series consisting of twelve episodes. 

Zamurrad Naqvi, the project member for the series, says “The comic has social aims but above all it is a thrilling story. It has heroes, villains, acts of bravery, prophecy, a magical forest, battles, self-sacrifice, mystical visions and each episode ends on a cliff-hanger. Yet the story isn’t old-fashioned or traditional, it is set in modern times with closed captioned television, computer hacking, anarchists – some of the episodes start with views of Banksy-style graffiti and slogans.”

David H. Pierce, chief executive officer of Davideo Productions, says “Being a long-time comic book collector and regular artist for the weekly comic strip THE OLD FOGEYS, I am a strong supporter of independent comic creators. Without readers, a comic book cannot survive. This is a quality comic book for Deaf collectors and we are proud to assist Deaf Power Publishing House in their efforts to expand their reach in the United States. Deaf youth can finally have a comic book they can fully appreciate with their culture and language given the respect it deserves.”

Collectors interested in purchasing the comics can contact David H. Pierce for ordering details. All books shipped by Davideo Productions will be preserved in acid-free archival bags and boards for serious collectors.





 A long time ago the Kingdom was a successful and happy place. The hearing and deaf people lived and worked together in peace. One day an evil man took control; he had the power to change things in the Kingdom. He wanted to get rid of all deaf people so he set up a political party, Hearing Front. But there is a special and very powerful child called The Azurian. The Waardenburg King knew that the special child would save the Kingdom and bring back fairness and peace. This story has started. The future of the Kingdom depends on four heroes with super powers and a small child.  Full color comic book imported from the United Kingdom. $6.50 USD per copy plus $3.50 shipping/handing to the Continental United States.



After Sirhaan’s kidnapping, Fox is taking more and more control of the Kingdom. The heroes are hiding. In secret, they find more people to join their group and challenge the Hearing Front. Keane is now a teenager and wanted by the police. She is trying to cope with her new life. In the forest, a small group of anarchists is waiting to attack the enemy. The Waardenburg prophecy is starting to come true. The world is waiting to see what is next. Full color comic book imported from the United Kingdom. $6.50 USD per copy plus $3.50 shipping/handing to the Continental United States.




 Tragedy and deception. After the King has died, Fox uses his authority to try and make the Hearing Front a legal group. Not everyone believes Fox. At the moment the Kingdom is calm. Slowly, it will change. Something bad happens to Keane, which affects her a lot. Keane fights against who she is and hides her true self, keeping her identity a secret. Full color comic book imported from the United Kingdom. $6.50 USD per copy plus $3.50 shipping/handing to the Continental United States.